Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Years Resolution & HUGE Commitment...365 Project

Years ago when I became interested in photography, I learned about an initiative that I thought was very cool called the 365 Project. The idea is to encourage people to take a photo every day. I thought that was a really cool idea and I followed several people's blogs as they posted their photos every day. Several portrait photographers even offered a FREE session to the first person who caught them missing a day! Well, here I am. A portrait photographer with a business and I'm ready to do the same thing. TERRIFIED but ready! It's a lot of pressure, I must say. I have to a) find something photo worthy b) take the photo and then c) post it too! But, I'm going for it. So, please keep an eye on me! Afterall, I'm starting on the 2nd so there's a good chance someone will be getting a free session soon! :-) are my first posts:

365 Project - Day 1, January 1, 2010
Polar Plunge on Upper Nemahbin. BRRRRRR!!!!

365 Project - Day 2, January 2, 2010
Book Time. I LOVE that Corey can read bedtime stories to Lilly now and even more than that, I LOVE that they love it! It's such a beautiful thing to watch and always makes me smile.

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  1. Two of my most favorite students ever! :-) Kelly-your work is AMAZING!! I am so glad I stumbled upon your site tonight...your beautiful photos brought such smiles and tears to my eyes :-) You have incredible talent and cannot wait for you to capture some of the most important moments of my life :-)