Sunday, June 14, 2009


On Friday morning, my neighbor brought her kids over for a playdate and to take photos of her 2-year old, Benjamin. He has gorgeous eyes, locks that any woman would love to have, a beautiful smile, and an attitude that made my job of getting good shots easy! I was still metering my camera when I got this was on my 2nd click! I hardly needed the other 400! :-)

Even still, who can stop taking photos of someone this cute!?

Big sister, Danielle, did a great job keeping my daughter's occupied so I could focus on Ben. Thanks, Danielle!

So much fun! Thanks for sharing, Kolleen! Look for these guys on my website...they'll definitely be there soon!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meet Patrick James

It's only been 8 months since my baby Emma was a newborn but it's amazing how quickly you can forget just how tiny a newborn really is! Well, today I had a wonderful little reminder!

Patrick James was born one week ago today and he's just perfect! This is the first time I was lucky enough to photograph a mom in her final month and then follow-up with the new baby. special. I loved every minute of it and my only complaint was that I had to leave after 2 hours. I could have taken pictures of that little guy (and Mom and big sister Maddy) all day!! I had far more ideas and ambition than I had time, sadly. Mom assures me I can come back though so you'll be seeing more of Patrick...

In the meantime, here are just a couple of pictures from today for Casey. Thank you SOOO much for letting me share in this special time.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Beautiful Faces

I had the honor yesterday of attending a picnic sponsored by the Wisconsin Upside Down Foundation. Robbin, the President of the foundation, is my neighbor, great friend, Godmother to my baby, and an incredibly wonderful person! She asked me to come as if I was doing her a favor by taking some pictures of the many children with Down Syndrome who were attending. In reality, she was doing me a favor by giving me such great little faces to capture and also linking me with a wonderful local photographer that I hope to have a lasting friendship with. Thanks so much, Robbin!

Grace and her adoring mom. Grace has 3 big brothers and is clearly very loved. She was the first little gal I met and she immediately grabbed my cheek which Mom told me means that she liked my voice. I'm so glad!

Robbin's daughters Kelly & Regan...I know these guys well so tough for them to take me seriously, I'm afraid:

Charming Elizabeth (she spent more time in my lap than in front of the camera but I tried):

Ruthie (last year's cover girl for the Foundation's calendar and can't you see why!):

Cameron was way too busy bonding with Dad to be bothered with me. He had a bad cold and just wanted cuddles and snuggles with his Dad...So precious!

Brady...I have several photos of this guy that I love...he smiled from the moment I picked up my camera. What a cutie! those eyes!

Friday, June 5, 2009

My "At Home" Models

As I'm trying to build my portfolio, I'm doing lots of sessions with the kids. Of course because I'm their Mom, they aren't hugely receptive and the best I can hope for is a lot of clicks in a quick 5 minutes! Corey is in school all day and Clare has had a really bad cold this week so she's covered in snot and not her usual adorable self at all so Lilly and Emma have been my targets this week.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Since She Was In The Womb

My first maternity shoot last fall was of a woman I knew through my moms group. She's now become a good friend. I did the shoot when I was 9 months pregnant and she was 8+ months pregnant so we were quite the limited-mobility-pair! Her baby, Megan, is 6 months now and I had the honor of photographing her again. She's a beautiful little girl and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing her, Kelly!