Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365 - Day 24. You know what they say about "Desperate Times..."

I realized after the first week or so that the key to my success with Project 365 is deciding fairly early on in the day what my topic will be.  Not the photo itself, but the activity or idea that will lead to the photo.  Today's topic...our most recent favorite restaurant.  We went there for dinner.  Sadly, as we parked the car I realized that I'd left my trusty camera at home.   GRRRRRR.   So then home, kids to bed, catch up on some work stuff and now it's 11pm and no ideas for a shoot.  I decide to just go for it.  I state confidently to my hubby, "the first step in taking the photo is holding the camera" and I reach for the camera.  I walk the entire house...well the parts that don't include sleeping children...and search for inspiration.  Nada.  Nothin'.  I set my camera down and state pathetically "it took 24 days but I think I have to cheat today and use a photo from another day."   His reply:  "Lame."   Knowing he's right, I grab my camera and point it directly at him.  That'll teach him to be right.