Monday, January 25, 2010

Project 365 - Day 25. A Few of My Favorite Things...Another Series.

Corey and Lilly had the day off from school today and it was a busy day of dropping off and picking up at a birthday party and Clare's preschool, etc.  I had 10 minutes to kill before I had to drop off Clare so we had a quick drive into St. John's Military Academy which is just down the road from her school.  I've been going there for years to play golf or attend an annual art festival but I have a whole new appreciation for it now as a fabulous place to take photos.  I did a couples shoot there in the fall and I'll definitely be back when the weather warms up.  It's a small little campus but it always reminds me of being in Europe and I just love that someplace that I pass all the time can take me thousands of miles away.  Definitely one of my favorite places in the area and this church is a highlight...gorgeous inside and out!

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