Monday, January 4, 2010

365- Day 4. Ratatouille

I'm already feeling the pressure of this project. I hope I get into a good rhythm soon.?

Today's picture....a new recipe that came into my inbox today - Sausage Ratatouille. I don't mind cooking but find it tough to do anything outside my standard menu with 4 little kiddos so it's unusual for me to a) get ambitious enough to try a new recipe or b) get lucky enough to have all the ingredients in house to actually make it. Well, luckily I was grocery store bound today so picked up the fresh veggies that I could remember from the recipe. I didn't have everything it called for in the end but I went for it anyway and it was actually pretty good. All the kids ate it in a separated sort of way so that's a success. So, yey.

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