Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project 365 - Day 21. Introducing Swimmy

Today was a rough day with a sick kiddo and a lot of emotional editing from my recent bereavement session so I never even thought about todays shot till I was doing the dishes 10 minutes ago.  Feeling completely at a loss, I laid down a pan to dry and spotted....Swimmy.   Swimmy was a gift for my son's 5th birthday.   Corey was into Buzz Lightyear at the time...hence the space themed fish tank.  Basically Swimmy gets ignored most of the time.  Corey remembers to feed him about half the time and I get around to cleaning his tank far less than I really should.  But he's our only family pet and we like him.

I had Emma's routine 15 month check up on Tuesday and they asked the same questions they always ask to understand better my daughter 's health...."well or city water?"   "Well."   "Any smokers in the house?"  "No."   "Any pets?"   (pause and then feeling guilty)  "No."   I used to answer "Just a fish" but they kinda didn't appreciate it so now I just go with "No."   Sorry Swimmy.  It's not that we don't have a pet...we just have an easier, healthier version of a pet.  Did I mention that we like him?

He's camera-shy so this was the best I could do in my allotted time frame.

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  1. Hello Swimmy. Good to meet you. Love the colors in this picture.