Friday, January 15, 2010

Project 365 - Day 15. A Bright Spot In My Day

Overall, I consider today a gray day.  I woke feeling quite tired after my late night with friends.  Then I learned early today that I man I was supposed to photograph with his family this week had passed away early this morning.  I hadn't met them yet but I'd spoken to his wife a couple of times and I deeply regret that we didn't get the session scheduled earlier.   Then, a couple of hours after that I had a request for a photographer from Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.   I'm on call now for that session and I've spend the day thinking of this poor woman as she awaits delivery of a child she will never get to know.  So sad.  A gray day for sure.

The real highlight for me today?   Tomatoes.   I'm not much of a healthy eater, I admit.  I bought a big package of tomatoes for the party last night and had loads left over so I took them out at lunch time to feed to Emma.  Well...if they weren't the best tomatoes.  It was totally unexpected to have such plump, juicy, tasty tomatoes in January and it completely caught me off guard.  I've been eating them non-stop ever since and they are simply delicious.  The bright spot in my gray day for sure.


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  1. So sorry to hear of your grey day. The tomatoes look so yummy!