Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project 365 - Day 10. My Reminder

Today was a hectic day of cleaning, cooking, homework, girl scout cookie sales, hanging pictures, tending to kids, football, putting away Xmas decorations...   Lots of stuff that had nothing to do with photography.  A couple of times during the day I realized that I hadn't taken a picture yet and I got nervous that I could actually forget!  Imagine that...from dreaming about it to forgetting about it in about 4 days!

At about 5:00, I dug into the kids backpacks to look through their "Friday Folders" full of info to give to Mom and Dad only to find a reminder sheet that tomorrow begins Lilly's Star of the Week week.   OOPS!   Totally missed that somehow.  Day 1 is the day that Lilly needed to bring in photos of her and her family.  Should be easy for a photographer, right?  Well...not so much.  I take a lot but I print very little.  And those that are printed are not organized anywhere that I can easily find them.  So...I ran around the house digging through old storage boxes until I had a good representation of Lilly's little 5 1/2 years of life. After she went to bed, I gathered the photos to put them in order.  I looked at those shots of Lilly from when she was a baby and I was reminded of how fast that time has passed and how much she'd changed.  I was reminded of how much my photography has improved.  And, I was reminded of how much that little girl has been melting my heart for almost 6 years.   Sometimes I need little reminders.


  1. Beautiful...and it is good to have those little reminders now and then.

  2. Wonderful. Sometimes we just need to stop all the craziness of daily life and just breathe and remember. Time is so short.