Friday, January 8, 2010

Project 365 - Day 8. Valentine's Prep

On today's To Do List, among other things, was testing out my new pink background.   I got it for the party that I co-hosted over the weekend but it arrived late so it's new purpose is Valentine's Day.  I was a bit intimidated by it...sure that it would give horrible pink glows to the faces in front of it.  I'd forgotten.  I now have two lights!!  One to light my beautiful subject and another to reduce the shadows and highlight that lovely pink background.   I only had the little girls down in the studio (as I'm officially calling it now) for about 5 minutes and I got a bunch of shots that I like.  Yey.  I'm ready for Valentine's Day shooting now!  


  1. Sorry I am so late in coming over to check out your blog. I love love love this grouping! The pink background is perfect for these two little dolls. I love the font you have used on it as well.
    Vanilla Bean

  2. You are so blasted talented. Not that I am jealous or anything...yeah right. I must get a half decent camera. Your girls are beautiful.