Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project 365 - Day 19. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

My oldest daughter decided to cut her hair into a chin length bob over Christmas break.  It looks very cute and really suits her.  Clare has never really had haircuts...I've trimmed her bangs but for the last year or so it's always been accompanied by a lot of tears and squirming so her hair has gotten quite long.  It's very thin and pretty scraggly but very blond and it's always suited her.  Well...this week she decided at the ripe 'ol age of 2 that it was time for her to cut it short too.  So, without tears or trauma, she walked right up to that pink Jeep haircutting chair, looked down at the poodles on her drape as requested and, darn it, she got that short hair.  And to top it all off...they did a Princess Up-Do.  Sigh.....  my little girl is growing up.    Good thing I still have Emma and her hair is still too short to worry about.


  1. You are so lucky to get to play with girlie hair. Before I had my kids, I used to dream of having a daughter with dark brown hair that I could braid. I imagined myself putting her hair in two braids every morning and finishing them off with bows.
    Not to be.
    I look at this picture and something deep in me tugs. ((((sigh))))

  2. Great shot. I used to be a hairdresser and loved doing long hair. Madd Dawn waits patiently for me to finish putting her hair into pigtails, lets me do the oohing and ahhing, then promptly takes them out and says "All done."