Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project 365 - Day 14 Purse Party's 10 minutes till midnight so I'll be quick!   I intentionally waited to post my picture bc I spent the whole day cleaning (not interesting or photo worthy) in preparation for a home-party I was hosting tonight. The rep had Lia Sophia jewelry and Miche bag purses so I thought there would great photo ops but I was so caught up in visiting that I never even pulled my camera out.  Only managed a couple quick snaps before the first guest arrived.   So...there you photo for the day.   Purses.   BTW, if you're not familiar with Miche bags, they're very cool.  You buy the basic purse and then just change the cover or shell so you never have to move all your crap.  Such a novel idea...I love it!  Suits lazy people like me just perfectly!!!

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  1. Very interesting. I see a couple I'd like to have. Love the colors.