Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sneak Peek of Baby Ty

Alright...I'm ready now to properly introduce the lovely baby Ty.  Ty was SO excited for his first photo shoot (outside the womb) that he didn't want to miss a minute of it!!  We managed to get a minute or two here and there of closed eyes but usually those moments were accompanied by a big green pacifier.  Couldn't they make those things cuter?   I think they could.   I don't think babies come any cuter than this little guy though.    Enjoy the sneak peek, Julie and Chad, and thanks for sharing your morning and your beautiful little bundle with me!

Ty's Dad is allergic to dogs so they bought him this dog to keep him company as he grows up.  His name is Bucky.  :-)

This 10 day old has more shoes than I do!!   NO KIDDING!
I'd planned to load another couple but am having technical difficulties for some reason.   Soon though...

Here's the one from my 365 yesterday.   Too cute to not include again.  :-)

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  1. He is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Love the shot on the dog.