Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project 365 - Day 26. Road To The Future

Photography is not my first career.  Not even my second, depending on how you're counting.  I have degrees for my previous endeavors and I'm very proud of them.  Most of my photography training to date has been reading, workshops & practice.  I am enrolled in a program at the New York Institute of Photography but haven't managed to devote too much time to it thus far.  I've had an assignment 80% ready to mail for several months now.  When I was swamped in the fall I had a good excuse for not mailing it in but now is time for catch up.  Of course I now have new equipment so preferred to do my photo assignments with the new gear.   Todays photo is not my normal type but it fulfills the assignment...use the smallest lens opening on your camera and capture a feeling of distance.   And best of all I didn't even have to get dressed or go out in the cold.  Yippee.

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