Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project 365 - Day 28. Worth The Wait

Most days there's a lot of excitement and anticipation around our house at 4:00pm.   The Little Girls get wound up, they peer out the window, they watch and watch until.....they see that big yellow bus turn up the hill and then they know.   Just another moment until they'll finally see The Big Kids again.   Definitely one of the highlights of their day.  Surpassed only by the arrival of Daddy which is marked with running and the loud screaming of "DADA!   DADA!"   Makes me smile every day.

Today was especially fun to have Corey come home.  This was the 90th day of school and the first grade celebrated "Half-Way Day".   We recognized this momentous occasion by cutting half of his hair last night and attempting a two-tone shirt.

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