Monday, January 11, 2010

Project 365 - Day 11. My End of Day Lesson

I mentioned before that the kids frequently end their day with books.  Corey, in particular, loves to dig through his reference books before going to sleep.  Lately his favorite has been his Star Wars Encyclopedia.  He's only in first grade but his reading level is quite high and he's becoming quite the expert.  So, when I come in to say "Good Night" each night and I find Corey engrossed in his research, I feel badly telling him it's time for lights out.  And so we sit.  Well, I sit and he lays peering over his book and giving me a nightly lesson about this character or that light saber.  I listen.  I'm quite sure I've seen all of the Star Wars movies but I only recall bits and pieces of the original ones and nothing of Star Wars I, II, or III.  That doesn't matter.  I love that Corey's little brain is able to process so much information. Star Wars isn't my top choice of research material, but he's a smart cookie and a little intergalactic eye candy can't be too bad for him, right?

So, there's a lot wrong with this photo...the light was horrible and I'm pretty anti-flash and the focus isn't really where I wanted it, but the memory to me is important.  One I hope I never forget.

Oh, and it did give me a chance to play with some new Photoshop actions that I've been trying out.  I used one that uses Dust and Scratches to reduce the noise (bc of the incredibly high ISO I used...not only is his room dim but he's on a bottom bunk so really very dark!) and then a black and white conversion I like by Lemondrops.  I think it's a keeper.

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  1. How lovely. He is so intense in his focus. That comes through loud and clear. I love hearing of your nightly ritual. Your kids will remember that time spent with you forever and pass it onto their kids. Truly lovely.