Friday, February 12, 2010

Sneak Peek of Baby Caden ~ Ixonia Newborn Photography

Last night I had a chance to meet 6-day old Caden and his Mom and Dad.  They are first time parents and so in love with this little guy.  Who can blame them...he is absolutely gorgeous!!!   He did a great job in his first photo session...gave me some sleepy time, some wonderful wakeful time, and even had an extra special treat for Daddy (although I didn't capture that one)!

Thanks for the great time and for letting me take over Caden's bedroom, Sarah and Jim.  Unfortunately,  that's probably the most use it will get for a while!  :-)

This is one of my favorite newborn pics ever.  Caden loved to be snuggled up and he was just so content.  SOOOO sweet and perfect!

This was shortly after the aforementioned unmentionable act.  Caden looks like he's plotting for more mis-deeds.  Thanks for being a good sport, Jim.  Love the tat!
I was very excited when I saw that Caden had this bookshelf in his room.  It was a bit tight to get a full shot but I like this...what do you think??

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