Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Project 365 - Day 34. One of my favorite places

I seem to be on a roll lately for finding cool sites.

The Savvy Photographer is giving away a fabulous Kelly Moore camera bag. I SO want one!

Another site, iheartfaces looks like a site I could spend too much time on.  They do regular contests which I'm thinking is great for my Project 365 inspiration.  You can submit old photos on there but I'm going to try to make the topics work for me...  We'll see how it goes.  

As it turns out I think I messed up already since it seems you're supposed to submit on Monday and Tuesday but since I didn't know that before, I'm still going to stick with topic for today. 

Generally speaking, I consider myself an array of grey's (or gray's, depending which side of the Atlantic you're on).  Unlike my hubby, I rarely see things in black in white...just shades of grey.   Compromises, moderation, open-mindedness.  

When it comes to my favorite places though, I am definitely black and white.  I love being home and rarely go stir crazy or feel the need to just get out for the sake of it.  However, I don't consider any travel that doesn't require a passport a REAL vacation, either.  And even some places that DO require a passport no longer count.  For example, anywhere that we have family, anywhere I have spent more than two weeks vacationing in, or anywhere that I've lived.  Travel is one of my extreme passions and I LOVE to explore new places...can't think of anything inanimate that I love more.  Given that, I have A LOT of favorite places.   

The contest for this week....Our Favorite ROMANTIC Place.  I debated between two...our honeymoon location, Ottley's Plantation in St. Kitt's, or our wedding location, Killaloe, Ireland.  In the end, I decided on Ireland because there's just something magical about that place.  We've been there about 6 times now, I think, and while it no longer meets my "REAL vacation" criteria, it does one better.  It feels like home every time we go there.  It was where Rob and I fell in love and it will also be one of the most special and romantic places in the world to me.

Sadly, I was unable to go there today for a photo and I didn't want to infringe on copyrights by taking pics of my wedding album (although it IS spectacular!) so I'm settling instead on some pics from my "unofficial wedding album".

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