Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project 365 - day 51. A Community Affair

Tonight I photographed an event at a local church benefitting a family that recently lost their husband/father to leukemia.  It was so wonderful to see the outpouring of support from the community!  There were a ton of donated items, loads of volunteers cooking and serving a lovely meal, and crowds of people there to show their support.   It was a true picture of community and I was a happy to be a part of it.

While I'd never met Paul, I had spoken to his wife when he went into hospice and we had plans to do a family session but he took a turn for the worse and passed away just days later.   His death coincided with a NILMDTS angel that I photographed and I like to think they met at the pearly gates.

I thought I'd share a few of the details that went into the event.

I was amazed by how well these cafeteria-type rooms were transformed into warm, cozy banquet halls:

There were some great raffle items and SOOO many.  I planned to include a shot of the tables but shut down photoshop before converting it to jpg and I'm too tired to go back and do it but there were some fun ipod nano, an American Girl bed and accessories, a bottle of Moet with 4 awesome stemless glasses that you can write names on with chalk (I won that!), and this GB Packers Helmet Grill and scarf.  Perfect for any TRUE cheesehead.  I'm only a convert so I stuck with the Moet.  :-)

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