Monday, February 8, 2010

Project 365 - Day 39. Props & Pop-Ups

Most photographers suffer from the same problem....prop addiction.  There are just so many cute hats, tutus, benches, etc.  Everything I look at these days is a potential prop!   It can get consuming...not to mention expensive!   So, I was REALLY excited when I saw a recent "tutorial" on how to make your OWN baby leggings!   Because every photographer knows that baby butt cheeks look even cuter with fun leggings.   But at $15 - $20 a pop they're tough to swallow.

Now I have a less than $2 solution and I stocked (or "socked") up on them!!   You just buy ladies funky socks, cut off the feet part, and then roll the rough edge.  Ta-dah...instant cute baby leggings!  I bought 9 pairs that were on Clearance at Target the other day (they came in packages of 3 so REALLY I only bought 3 sets).

I decided to take a shot of my favorites for Valentine's Day in this nifty pop-up cube that's intended for product shots.  Now, before you think I just like to blow my money on anything photography related, let me stress that this was a free gift with my tuition to the New York Institute of Photography 1 1/2 years ago.  And it was just about time that I took it out of the wrapper!   Though, to be honest, I really prefer looking at the leggings next to cute butt cheeks!

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  1. I have done the same "thrifty" approach to the baby legs, except I have put them on my pre-school girls. The are adorable and we always get tons of compliments!