Saturday, February 6, 2010

Project 365 - Day 37. Another Kind-Hearted Boy

We had a nice family day today.  Disney On Ice was in town and we attended for our 2nd year in a row.  The kids loved it...particularly Emma who was clapping like mad and bouncing up and down when Minnie and Mickie skated onto the ice!  There was some fear when the withes/serpents/ or whatever "bad gal" came out.  (They're all evil women in Disney stories, aren't they?  Why is that?  Hmmm...maybe Walt had Mommy issues.?  But I digress.)  So our tears were limited to the "scary parts" but we quickly calmed down COREY!    Yes, the 1, 2, and 5 year old girls were fine but that 7 year old boy had to come sit on mommy's lap!  Did I mention he was sensitive?  :-)

After the show, we picked up our nephew from Marquette and headed up to Bayshore Mall for a trip to the Apple store and lunch at Bravo.  We haven't seen Ryan much since December so it was nice to have a little time with him.  I've had a special place in my heart for Ryan since I first met him 11 years ago.  He's a similar soul to Corey's in many ways...very kind-hearted.

I remember that on one my first visits with his family in England, we were riding in the car one day and several of the other grown-ups got into a heated debate about something.  This is very common for them and no big deal but very different from the family dynamics that I was used to.  Sweet little Ryan who must've only been about a year older than Corey is now, leaned forward from the back of the car and said softly to me "You alright, Auntie Kelly?"  I was fine but I was amazed that this young boy could have sensed my discomfort and, beyond that, that he would check up on me.  He won my heart that day and I still think the world of him!

We're very proud of you, Ryan, and love having you nearby.  I can't imagine a better role model for our son.

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