Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project 365 - day 45. A Happy Valentine's Day!

Rob and I aren't big on gift giving so we don't have big expectations for Valentine's Day.  But it IS one of the two or so days each year that I usually get flowers.  I know what to expect...

Rob got the kids out the door early under the guise of a McDonald's breakfast and returned with a bouquet of flowers from the local grocery store.  I think some women would actually be upset about this but not me.  I don't require flowers and gifts.  Not even cards.   What I like is that on the occasions when Rob DOES get me flowers, it's never roses or carnations.  It's always a bouquet that looks similar to this.  Because he actually remembers that these were the types of flowers and the colors that I had in our wedding bouquet.  This one isn't nearly as spectacular as the wedding one, of course, but it's close enough for me.

Rob also gave me a load of other gifts this weekend.  He gladly let me dump him with the crew of kids from 3 yesterday afternoon until I got home at Midnight so that I could go enjoy a fantastic adventure that he knew I'd love.  He let me sleep in till 9 today while he was out getting my bouquet and MickeyD's this morning.   He did loads of house cleaning and, most importantly, didn't get stressed out or annoyed while he was doing it.  He asked if I wanted a beer.  He did our taxes.   He took the kids out sledding and played Wii Mario Kart.   Loads of little presents.  And those all mean more to me than a card or wrapped gift ever could.

Thanks for a great Valentine's Day/Weekend, Hubby!  I love you!

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