Thursday, February 18, 2010

Project 365 - day 49. Thinking of Spring

Today was a definite turning point for Clare.  It was the first time since Saturday that she had any interest in getting dressed.  Her face is still sore and her nose is still running but we saw a real improvement overnight so that's a relief.

Emma might be mildly better.  Or maybe it's just my wishful thinking...   Either way, she's definitely not in modeling condition just yet.

We actually left the house for a short trip (I needed more Tylenol) and I think it did us all good to get out for a bit.  It's sunny and relatively mild so it felt nice to breathe the fresh, unsick air!  I kept my eyes open on our trip for a good photo op but nothing struck me...until we got home and I saw a lovely smile on my little girls face that I hadn't seen in a while and there it was...inspiration.

Glad to have you back, Clare!

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