Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project 365 - day 47. Wet Kisses

It's been another rough day around here so this is going to be short.  I have a kitchen full of dishes and loads of work to get done but my arms have been full of sick kids all day and there's a good chance that I'm only on a temporary reprieve....

Clare was about the same today and now Emma is sick.  She coughed most of the night, had a fever today, and was generally miserable.  Have I mentioned that I HATE SICK KIDS!!!   It just breaks my heart when you see such a change in their personality and when they just lose the will to PLAY!

Lilly and Clare had a shower tonight when they were getting ready for bed and they were all kissing through the glass.   I love to see the kids kissy and cuddly with each other but tonight all I could think was....hmmm....no wonder Emma is sick too.    Wish I had more time to edit this to get it where I like it but not gonna happen tonight.  Sorry!

Fingers crossed for a better tomorrow (and a tolerable night).

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