Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project 365 - Day 40. Snow Smiles

We've had about 10 inches of snow today.  As hearty Wisconsinites, of course, the kids still had school.  They couldn't wait to get off that bus and let the playing begin!   They were sledding off our retaining wall (is that safe?) and anywhere else they could find a bump.   Even Emma was anxious to kick the snow around.  Lilly played for a bit but then had to go potty and couldn't be bothered getting resuited up so she was done by the time I got out there with my camera.  The rest of us had a good time until Corey decided to slide sans-sled, face first, down a hill.  He did a massive face-plant and this was his response.   Then he stood up and realized he had snow all inside his coat and, believe it or not, that actually made him cold.   Game over.

For a few more pics from our playtime, check out our Family Blog.

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