Friday, February 19, 2010

Fix-It Friday...#44

Okay, so this is actually only my 3rd Fix-It Friday but it's iheartface's 44th and it seems much easier to track if I'm using their numbering system so "44" it is!!

This week's photo is of a lovely little girl named Emma (great name, btw).  Cute shot of Emma but also a great shot of the neighborhood and underexposed because the camera was confused by the bright areas/shadows.   The metering needs to be done to the subject, not the scene as a whole, to avoid this.

Here is this weeks original photo:

While I like the look of the road under Emma's feet, I really wanted to eliminate as much of the "neighborhood" feel of the photo as I could so I cropped it much closer.

Here is my edit:

I did all of my editing in Lightroom 3 (a Beta version that's free to download and good until the real version is released).  I adjusted the exposure (up quite a bit for most of the picture and then selectively burned the brighter areas), upped the temperature a bit, increased the saturation in her vest to give it a bit of oomph, brightened Emma's face, and added a vignette to also help eliminate the distracting housing.

I'm making a point of not looking at any of the other edits posted (even the ones on the same webpage which is VERY hard to do) so I won't be biased by others but I'm anxious to see what others did!

I'd love to hear what you think so please leave a comment!!

To try editing for yourself and see what others have done, go to:

Have fun!!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I love your edit; the close crop really puts the focus on her cute little face!

  2. great job! And kudos for not looking at the experts shots first. I think you did even better than they did!

    I haven't used LR at all... it's on my list of things to learn. But based on this, I think it must be worth it!

  3. This is so awesome! I so wish I had the skills. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I thought about doing a closer crop too! It looks really great, you did a great job for just learning LR too! :-)

  5. Beautiful edit :D I have the LR3 beta too, but wanted to not use it today (for a change) as I might not be able to afford when it comes off Beta, so I need to be sure I can use other software :D Thanks for commenting on my edit and in answer to you question, I edited the jpg, as downloading from Flickr we don't have access to the RAW (do we?). I always wish we could have the 'orignal' file instead of the large one because my fix-its always pixelate when I put them on Blogger, no matter whether I save them for the web or save them in highest quality jpg. Not sure what else to do to make them look better. They look fine on my PC.

  6. Thanks for that ~ I'll know for next time :D I've now put my edits as Flickr pictures and they are so much less pixelated!