Thursday, February 4, 2010

Project 365 - Day 35. A Kind-Hearted Boy

He was a very sensitive baby.  Startled easily and required a pacifier and a lot of cuddles to be calm or to sleep.  And now look what he's become.

He's incredibly smart.  A great big brother.  Handsome.  Sweet and thoughtful.  Articulate.  Artistic.  Funny.  Confident.  

He's not athletic and hubby and I worried that being smart and not athletic could set him up for being deemed a nerd or whatever term it is that kids would use today.  As it turns out, his teachers tell me he's a leader at school and that the other kids flock to him.  What a relief.  

Unfortunately, recently he's had to deal with a tough situation at school.  A boy who apparently "hates L and anyone who likes L so he hates Corey for being friends with L."  He's been shoved, punched, and most recently hit in the head with ice.  The school is taking appropriate action so I'm not concerned there but it sucks to see Corey have to deal with this.  He has been such a champ though.  Honestly.  Not once has he complained or cried about it.   He has told me about specific incidents briefly and matter-of-factly when I've asked questions about his day but most of the info I actually got directly from the school.  The Principal told me that he observed Corey going over to Mean Boy after the shoving incident that took him and L down and sat with him for a good 5 minutes before going their separate ways.  I asked Corey about it and he said he was trying to explain to the Mean Boy that what he was doing wasn't nice and that he could hurt someone so he should really stop.  Wow.   I knew he was smart but I didn't realize just how wise.   I am overwhelmed with pride this week as I see how he's handling all this.   I sure hope I had something to do with it but I think God just gave me an unbelievable gift.

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