Monday, March 1, 2010

Project 365 - Day 60. Looking for a Resemblance?

Ok, so facebook is a great thing, right?  It's an amazing way for people to stay connected or reconnect without a huge amount of effort, IMHO.  People that may otherwise have slipped off my radar are now in my daily news updates and, for the most part, I like that.  I admit that keeping in touch with people is NOT one of my strong points.  I wish it was...but it's not.  I love facebook.  It saves me from losing people and keeps me grounded to parts of my life that could have easily been forgotten.

Of course, with the rewards come the risks.  My oldest FB friend (in time known, not age), is a girl I knew when I was two.  We moved away from that town when I was 7 so there were few people I kept in touch with and she and I did actually lose touch between the ages of 7 and 17 but were reconnected when I applied to the same college that she was attending.  We were friendly through college and then lost touch again until fb.   Did I mention that I love facebook?   Anyway, yesterday she posted a preschool picture.  I was a year younger but still in her class because my mom was the teacher.   Check it out...

I only recognized me, my mom, my sister, the gal who posted it (Andrea) and one other guy who was a neighbor and whose mom was like a 2nd mom to me so we've stayed in touch over the years.  The rest?  Complete strangers.   No CLUE who they are and even with the Tags I don't recognize the names or have any recollection.  Makes me realize that I'm probably not scarring my little ones as much as I think I am.  :-)

What really struck me about the photo though was that when I looked at me, I saw Emma!  Emma is a good year-plus younger than I was in this photo but I still see her when I look at it.  It's the area around the eyes and nose.   Today, I asked my son to pick me out of the group.  The first one he picked was my sister.  The second was me.  I asked why he said that and he said because I looked like Lilly.   We generally hear that the kids look like Rob so it's nice to know there's a bit of a resemblance anyway!!   What do you think??

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