Friday, March 26, 2010

Fix-It Friday #6

It's Fix-It Friday at {i heart faces} again...

I was debating participating this week since I have plenty of my own editing to be working on but when I saw this cutie and an easy way to "fix-it", I decided to go for it.  I worked in Photoshop CS2 and just spent a few minutes doing a couple of easy steps...

I started by correcting a couple of the imperfections on her face.  Then I adjusted the levels to get the white's white.  This was the biggest problem with this image.   A common issue when shooting in Auto since the camera assumes the colors should average "gray".  In a scene with a lot of white, the camera gets confused and just converts it to gray.   Anyway, boosting the levels mad a big difference.

I then flattened the layers and then ran the Coffeeshop Perfect Portrait Action.  I turned off a lot of the options but I did run the skin smoothing and the eye defining since the girls eyes looked quite dark and flat.  Also I added a slight warming to her face.

That was it.  I liked the crop so I left it.  Nothing too exciting but that's how I like my end results...real, but better.  :-)

Check out some other fixes by going to:


  1. Really like your photo edit!! I always love to see how you can get a dark photo so bright and sparkling with the programms!! You edited it so great!!
    Have a beautiful weekend!!

  2. Beautiful editing, the result is awesome!