Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How We Colored A Rainbow...Fire Truck Pics!!!

I hope no one came to the Touch-A-Truck Portrait Charity event and thought they'd go home with a traditional snapshot of their little beauty standing in front of a big red truck.    Yes, there were little beauties and there was a big red truck, but these shots are anything but the traditional snapshots and I LOVE THEM!   This is quite possibly the most fun I've had as a photographer so far.

Want to see a video of the fun we had??

The truck has so many interesting parts to it and all make amazing backgrounds.  The kids were so enamored with the whole event and it was filled with carefree smiles and just pure joy.  Here are some of my favorites from the day...      {I made them small because there's a lot, but click on any of them to get a better view.}

Well, what do you think?   Isn't it cool??

THANK YOU to all of the participants!  You helped us raise $880 for Noah's Never Ending Rainbow!!!!   An awesome day for an awesome cause!

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