Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Project 365 - Day 173. Homemade Textures | Delafield Children's Photography

So, when I started my hunt today (ok...tonight) for a photo....I had an idea!  I have pretty wild granite countertops.  They came with the house and wouldn't be my first choice but I don't hate them enough to change them either.  And today I found they have an additional purpose.....texture!

What's a texture?   A texture is an overlay on a photo that gives it a different look....generally an edgy, urban look.  Here....let me show you:

Here is a before picture I took last week:

And here is my photo of the day, my countertops:

And here's the textured outcome.   What do you think?

Kinda fun...I like this look for teens.  Fun to play with anyway!

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