Monday, May 17, 2010

Project 365 - Day 137. Leaving it to the Pros | Delafield Children's Photography

I'm excited about how much I've learned about photography over the past several years.  I spend A LOT of time reading about photography, participating in photography forums, studying for my certification and, obviously, taking pictures.   My confidence has grown tremendously.  I used to be a nervous wreck after each session until I could upload my shots and confirm that I had a few that would work.  Now I just find it hard to "cull" (or weed out) to get the selection down to a manageable number for my families to view.

That confidence goes right out the window when it comes to flowers though.   I'm pretty clueless on the whole macro thing and really avoid taking shots of flowers (with the exception of the occasional bouquet that my Dad sends me).  Today I decided to give it a whirl, though.  I love, love, love the smell of lilacs and my only complaint is that they don't last long enough.  I figure they're so pretty that it would be hard to have a BAD photo of them.  

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