Friday, April 9, 2010

Project 365 - Day 99. Big Girl Glitter | Delafield Children's Photography

My oldest daughter, Lilly, is turning 6 on Sunday.  It'll be pretty low-key because of just getting back from Orlando.  Earlier this week she decided that she wanted to celebrate her birthday by getting her ears pierced.  She's thought about it before but always decided against it.  This time she seemed really set on her decision.

We went today and she was so brave.   Not without tears, but brave.  Her tears only lasted about a minute though and then she walked around the store excited about all the earrings she'll get to wear one day.   I was very proud of her.  Not for getting her ears pierced, but for making a big girl decision all on her own and sticking to it.

She looks very sweet with her sparkly daisy earrings.  Sweet and grown up.  (sigh.)

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  1. Wow Kelly! She does look so old to me..then again, I havent seen her in 4 years ;)