Thursday, April 8, 2010

Project 365 - Day 98. Sweet Dreams | Delafield Children's Photography

It feels good to be home.  Back to my wonderful bed.  Back to my MAC and uploading "real"photos versus iPhone imitations.  Back to my blog.'s good to be home.

I'll post a catch up of some vacation shots when I get time to breathe but for now a quick shot for today.

This is NOT the shot I had in mind but it was a hectic day and the significance is still there.   The plan when we bought this house when I was pregnant with Emma was that Emma and Clare would share a room and I bought these cute banners for each of them in anticipation.  In the early days, I decided life would be easier to keep Emma downstairs with us so our office became her bedroom.   I've tried several times to shift her upstairs but never with any joy.  It seems Emma likes her own space.  

Our Florida vacation and 8 days away from the office/bedroom seemed like a good breaking point for that attachment so I've been putting her in her crib in the shared bedroom upstairs since.  Sadly, my usually smiley girl looked like this when I went in to get her.   I guess she's still adjusting.

This is how she always pacifier (aka "dummy") in her mouth and one in each hand.   :-)

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