Monday, November 30, 2009

Testing Out The Studio...What Do YOU Think?

I'd love some feedback here....This past weekend I tried out a new location that I'm considering as a part time natural light studio for me to use through the winter. This was really new to me since the only "studio" type shots I've done before have been using a studio light (not natural light) and were only maternity shots. I used a background called Autumn and I have two others...a studio gray and a bright blue...and am considering some new colors but wanted to check out the set-up first. So, here it is...

I had mini-sessions with two different families and the light definitely got better as the morning went on but I'd really love to hear what YOU think about the look, the light, the background color (what color would you like to see?), anything! This is a sneak peek for the two families but also a request for your inputs so please leave a comment, send me an email, post a note on FB, whatever...just let me know your thoughts PLEASE! Thanks in advance and thank you also to my two families who went with the flow as we tested things out together!!

This one was taken very close to the window and using the floor as a background instead. I prefer this coloring but realistically with multiple kids and family shots I wouldn't be able to pull it off...

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