Sunday, November 1, 2009

And Grown Up's, Too!

Today, Corey and Lilly had to choose a saint to represent at mass for All Saint's Day. Lilly was St. Valentine bc her middle name (and my maiden name) is Valentine. Corey chose St. Nicholas. So, before we left this morning I asked Corey why he chose St. Nicholas (just in case Father Mike bothered to ask him at some point) and he said because Nicholas was the saint for children. I said "and you love children?". He looked me in the eye, leaned in to hug me and said "yeah...and grown ups, too!" Awww....I love that kid. :-)

Ok, so shifting gears to my photo session today. Michelle contacted me about a month ago to schedule a session for her and her husband and their dog! Totally new territory for me but I found the idea very intriguing. I think Michelle had more confidence in me than I did in myself but we decided to go for it! We had one weather reschedule but finally met today for a gorgeous fall session. Well, I have to say, it was so FUN!!! I am loving the shots we got and will really have a hard time narrowing things down for the gallery. So, it's been a revelation for me. I do love photographing children but it turns out...I love grown ups, too!

Thanks for being such a great sport, Rory, and thanks for having faith in me, Michelle! Sorry about the Packer game but at least it wasn't a wasted trip as you can see.... More soon!!!

I just love, love, love this one. I can't believe this is Lake Country, WI and not Europe!

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