Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Toddler Time

Yesterday I got to photograph the cutest little 18 month old, Ava. I just adore toddlers! Truly my favorite kid-age (at least up to 7 which is I'll I can completely claim knowledge of so far). She was cautious with her smiles but I got a hug so all is good! I also got to photograph her Mom and Dad. Mom is due at the end of the year so they're all gearing up for the big change. Except maybe Ava. She is still reveling in the uncontested love from Mom and Dad. :-) They're a beautiful family and I can't wait to photograph them again after their new baby boy joins the fun!

Thanks, Greg & Kim.

This isn't the best shot of Ava in the bunch but it was right about when she hugged me so that's why I chose it. :-)

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