Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sleeping Like A Baby

Awwwww...there's nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. Today I got to meet 10 day old Lia. I took Mom's maternity photos in September and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little peanut ever since. She was such a doll and a perfect newborn model...she slept through all my adjustments and my only disappointment was that I didn't take better advantage of it. I've never had a newborn that slept like that so I was a bit tentative for fear that I'd break the spell... :-) I got some lovely shots, I just think in retrospect that I could've gotten more.

I'm still offering "modeling" newborn sessions. So if you know someone who's expecting in the next few months, please have them contact me. They will receive a FREE session within the first 10 days of babies life and a complimentary 5X7 print. I'll even give you a free 5X7 print at your next session as a thank you for referring the expecting mom!

Alright, back to the important stuff. Here is the lovely baby Lia.

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