Monday, September 28, 2009

Of Course She's Tidy!

Last week I was able to photograph a friend of mine, Paula. She is expecting her third child in November and has the tidiest little basketball bump ever! Which is just what I would expect from Paula since she is a professional organizer. :-) It was pretty intimidating having her come into my disorganized space but I really enjoyed photographing her and big brother and big sister! Thanks so much, Paula! I can't wait to meet and photograph your little guy/gal soon...


  1. Thanks so much Kelly! Love the pictures. Now, which ones to choose??

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I love it, Paula! Great work.

  3. Pregnancy definitely agrees with you. You don't look pregnant anywhere but right at the belly! I think I got as wide as round! You are beautiful! Can't wait for your exciting news!