Sunday, July 11, 2010

Project 365 - Day 192. Da Boys | Delafield Family Photography

Rob and I are both transplants to Wisconsin (courtesy of GE) but we've been here long enough for it to feel  a lot like home.  The biggest drawback to the area is the distance to our siblings and all of their kids (and grandkid).  We REALLY miss having that kind of family around and feel badly that our children aren't growing up with day to day interactions with their cousins.  

When our nephew Ryan decided to come to Marquette last year, we were thrilled!  Of course, he's a typical college student and busy with his studies, his footy (soccer) and his friends but we still love to know that he's nearby.  He came to spend 4th of July with us and this weekend had Corey over for a boys weekend.  They went to see Star Wars in concert, played tons of Wii, stayed up later than Corey's EVER stayed up and had a great 'ol time.  It was really special for Corey and for us.  We can't imagine a better role model for our kids and we're so blessed to have Ryan around.  Now if we could only get the rest of the family to join him.....

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