Friday, July 9, 2010

Project 365 - Day 190. Bon Soir! | Wisconsin Event Photography

Rob and I went on a mini vacation tonight.   First we headed to Mexico (ok, so it was La Fuente) for a yummy meal outside and then we headed to Paris (ok, so it was the Bastille Days Festival).  Maybe not as glamorous as it could have been but hey....we did make it outside our area code so that must count as some kind of vacation, right???

In case you're wondering where that was taken...

See, I TOLD you we went to Paris!

Chalk artwork on the street:

This used to be one of Corey & Lilly's "Music Together" teachers, Mr. Will.  He also does folk performing with a guy on a washboard.  We've seen them before in Delafield but were surprised to spot them on the big stage in, Bastille Days.

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  1. These pictures make me miss living downtown! :-) I love La Fuente! We used to walk there from our loft apartment :-)