Friday, October 2, 2009

Sorry for what?

I realized tonight, as I was smiling while reviewing pictures, that at almost every session I do I hear the same thing...."Sorry". Not from the kids, of course...from the Mom's. Mom's always think their kids are tough and feel bad for me that their kids won't sit still and smile but you know what? I have the best time! The truth is that if they sat down and smiled easily, there would be no need for me. :-) I consider it my challenge to figure out what makes a kid smile. I admit, some are easier than others. But I love a challenge!! So, Mom's - listen up.. Absolutely no more apologies necessary!!! I'm honored that you would share your families with me and believe me, I'm loving every minute of it!

So, the pictures I was reviewing while smiling and thinking all this were of three lovely children that I got to know today. We had fun hiding leaves under our feet, checking out grasshoppers and the local cat, eating tomatoes (I'm going to miss those when they're gone), and getting some beautiful shots. Enjoy the sneak peek, Kris, and thank you!

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